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Our Story

In the April of 2011, after a 37 year career in quality inspecting, manufacturing, repairing, installing, and servicing of Windows and Doors for various companies, Kevin Chornopyski found himself downsized and company restructured too many times. Many people told him that he inspected windows, built windows, repaired windows, serviced windows, installed windows, the only he has never really done full time was sell windows.

So with a lot of research for high quality suppliers that would meet his strict quality and reliability expectations, KC Window and Door was born.

The goal of KC Window and Door is to supply their clients with a superior, premium line of affordable windows and doors that are second to none in as timely a manner as possible.

Renovations or additions of windows and doors are KC Window and Door’s specialty. KC Window and Door would like to move into the new home market offering the public an alternative the “Builder Grade” low quality products offered by the Big Box Stores.

Meet The Team
Picture of business owner
Picture of installer

Kevin Chornopyski

Starting fresh out of high school in August 10, 1987, Kevin went to work right away for Loewen Windows in Steinbach, Manitoba. He spent eleven and half years with Loewen Windows, working and getting experience in all window and door departments. After a brief career change, Kevin returned to Loewen in January 2004 and soon became a Quality Assurance Auditor, a position he held for the next four years. After working in various window and door industries (both Wood and PVC) for a combined 37 years which consisted of manufacturing, repairing, installing and quality control side, Kevin made the jump to window sales in April 2011 when he started KC Window and Door. Kevin also is a Certified Residential Home Inspector and has his Microsoft A+ Certification.



Jim Dyck

Jim has been installing doors and windows for over 40 years. In addition to installing windows, Jim has also worked in the window manufacturing side. As a carpenter, Jim has the skills and expertise to do reconstructive surgery on your home when installing your new windows. As a Certified Installer with Manitoba Hydro, you can have your windows and doors financed by Manitoba Hydro when they are installed by Jim. Jim’s work is covered with a one year parts and labor warranty due to defective workmanship.

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