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Samples of SPecial Shape Windows

All our Windows are designed and manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the demands of Canada's extreme weather conditions. Our windows have been installed, endured and continue to perform in a home owners largest investment, their home.


All our Windows have this standard features:


  • High quality PVC frame members.

  • Multi chamber design adds strength and maximizes thermal performance.

  • Flexible compression seals.

  • Re-enforcined joints on larger or mulitple units.

  • Strong fusion welded corners.

  • Architecturally sculpted exterior design.

  • Energy efficient glazing options.

  • Each Window is tailor made to fit exact specifications.

  • Energy Star rated.

Sample of Door Glass

Our Doors are designed and manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba with quality and performance incorporating the highest quality materials, tested and proven hardware, and the latest in energy efficient Low-E glass. The manufacturing process ensures that our Doors are built to precise tolerances creating some of the most beautiful and durable door systems available in the marketplace today.


All our Exterior Door have this standard features:


  • Solid Composite Brick Mold.

  • Solid Composite Frame.

  • Heavy duty sill assembly.

  • Gasket & sealed corner sill assembly.

  • Heavy duty ball bearing hinges.

  • High density polyurethane core Slabs.

  • Composite Door slab edges.

  • LVL stiles & rails in all door slabs.

  • Adjustable sweeps.

  • Adjustable striker plates.

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