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Steel Doors
Steel 6 Panel Door

Working with a strict budget? Need a strong secure door for a that is both economical and also offers strength, security and has fire protection? Then steel doors may be the best choice for you.


Steel doors are the most common kind of entry door.  It is relatively inexpensive, being made of a solid steel with a blown-in insulated foam insulated core.


The benefits of steel doors over wood would be their resistance to shrinkage, warping, sagging, and rotting.  They provide up to 10x more protection from outside forces than a wood door, as well as being fire proof.  They are 4x as energy efficient as wood doors.


The are also virtually maintenance free.  Unlike wood doors that need to be painted or stained on a regular basis, a steel door may need the occasional paint touch up to cover chips and scratches.


One of the disadvantages of steel doors are they can be easily dented, which takes away from the appearance of your home. At the same time the finish is prone to paint chipping.  If the finish is scratched or chipped, rust can take hold in the affected area very quickly. Corrosion is insidious. It can grow undetected under the door’s paint once it gets a foothold, rotting your steel from the inside out.  So that means you need to be hyper-vigilant in touching up the chips and scratches so this doesn’t happen. Finally, steel is an excellent conductor of heat. What does that mean? In the winter time, it will feel cold to the touch, and in the summer, it will feel warm. Although they do insulate better than wood doors, they are not as effective as Fiberglass Doors.

Door Slab Samples
Side-Lite Samples
Smooth Fiberglass Doors
Smooth Fiberglass Doors

Smooth White Fiberglass doors are a higher grade than Steel Doors.  Instead of the slab being made of a metal exterior and interior, it has a Fiberglass skin on both sides, but with the same foam core as Steel doors.


The benefits of a Fiberglass door include very low maintenance, as well as being scratch and dent resistant.  There is no rot, deterioration, or rusting.  They will also not warp or twist.  They can be painted or stained.  Fiberglass is 5x more energy efficient than wood doors. Fiberglass feels warm to the touch in the winter, as the warmth in your hand is radiated back, and cool in the summer.  It has a better R value, which means it gives more insulating value to your home.


Like with all major purchases, you have to be careful when choosing a Fiberglass door.  Doors made of low quality Fiberglass can crack or fall apart, as well as stick on the frame.  There are also some who believe that Fiberglass doors are not built to last, and are also not very aesthetically pleasing. When choosing doors for your home how it looks is almost as important as price, so take this into consideration.

Steel Door Slab Samples
Smooth Fiberglass Door Slab Samples
Smooth Fiberglass Side-Lite Samples
Stain-able Textured Fiberglass Doors
Stained Fiberglass Doors

A Stain-able Fiberglass Door is a step up from Smooth White Fiberglass Door, or even the White Textured Fiberglass door. With a Stain-able Fiberglass Door, the Fiberglass on both sides is in a raw form, and it can be stained to look like any type of wood, from Oak to Mahogany.


So instead of having a white painted wood look that you would get with White Textured Fiberglass Doors, you can stain your door any color to look like any species of wood. This way you can match your door’s interior to your interior wood trim. At the same time, the exterior can be painted to match your exterior.


The other huge benefit is that a Stain-able Fiberglass Door can be made to look like you invested in an exotic hardwood, without the expense, or the destruction of an endangered forest to do so.

Oak Grain Door Slab Styles
Oak Grain Door Slab Samples
Oak Grain Side-Lite Samples
Mahogany Grain Door Slab Styles
Mahogany Door Slab Samples
Mahogany Side-Lite Samples

Of course, being Fiberglass, it is virtually maintenance free and has great insulating properties. That means that once it is installed, you have trouble free ownership while it helps keep your home cozy and warm.

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