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Patio Doors

Picture of a Patio Door

A Patio door is referred to as either right- or left-handed, depending on which way they open.  KC Window and Door offers 2 types of Patio doors – a full glass model, and a French style – which has a thicker bottom, and is more rugged.  Both types of Patio doors are normally installed at the back of the house, leading to the back yard.

The advantages of having a Patio door include giving a wider opening to move larger household objects, like pianos; there is no door to impede the progress of getting these objects in or out of the house.  They also use less space than in-swing doors.  They open the view from outside, letting in more light, which also gives the advantage of making the room itself appear larger.

Since Patio doors also include a screen on the outside, the inside door can be opened to let in the scents, and sounds from outside, while keeping insects and debris from entering the home, thus cutting down on air conditioning costs.

Patio Door Cross Section

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