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Summary of Our Window & Door Warranty


25 Year Transferable Lifetime Warranty on PVC Frame


KC Window & Door Windows offers a Transferable Lifetime Warranty to the original purchasers of the windows that the "Vinyl Material" used in the manufacture of the windows will be free from manufacturing defects that cause fading, blistering, peeling, flaking, cracking or corroding of the vinyl window components, excluding and painted vinyl material.
Use of harsh abrasive, solvent based cleaners may harm the surface and will void the warranty.


25 Year Transferable Warranty on Glass


KC Window & Door Windows offers a transferable Twenty Five Year warranty to the original purchaser that the "Super Spacer" IG Units contained in its windows will be free from material or manufacturing defects and will not suffer seal failure resulting in moisture or dust infiltrating the space between the panes of glass. Under no circumstances is cracked or broken glass covered under this warranty.
All metal spacer bars will be covered by a Transferable Ten Year warranty.
This warranty does not cover normal minute bubbles, crystals, fish eyes, or small scratches inherent to the glass manufacturing process.
Sealed units made using Lexan sheet as a protective layer in the place of the exterior pane of glass is not covered by this warranty.


10 Year Non Pro-Rated Warranty on Hardware and Screening Framing

KC Window & Door Windows warrants that the original operating hardware, hinges, screen frames, locking handles, rollers,tilt latches, and other hardware used to the period of Twenty Years. Warranty commences from the date of installation.

Patio Door Warranty


20 year limited warranty on unpainted PVC and white extruded aluminum profiles.
20 year limited warranty on sealed units (residential application).
10 year limited warranty on the integrated blinds.
Warranty certificate available on request.

Exterior Door Warranty


5 year warranty on workmanship in the door or door system.
10 year warranty on all hardware against defects.
25 year warranty on Fiberglass door panels against manufacturing defects.
10 year warranty on Steel door panels against manufacturing defects.


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