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Picture of Awning Outside View

Awning windows are very similar to Casement Windows but they open from the bottom out and are usually  used for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry rooms or at the bottom of larger Picture windows where maximum amount of air flow and ventilation is required. These windows are hinged on the top sides and open the full length of the window towards the outside, using a fold-away hand crank to move the sash out. All Awning windows supplied by KC Window and Door have a Stainless Steel multi-point locking system and all Stainless Steel fasteners to prevent corrosion and rust bleeding of the screws. These windows also have a triple weather seal that is 100% replaceable if accidentally damaged or gets worn out over time. Awning windows are the most energy efficient opening window that you can purchase second only to Picture windows.


Picture of Operator Hardware Inside View
Fold Away Handle
Premium Fold Down Handle tucks away for maximum space. Ideal for accommodating custom window coverings. Made with Stainless Steel components.
Picture of Operator Hardware Outside View
Heavy Duty Premium Hardware
East to operate. Comes standard. Made with Stainless Steel Hinges.
Picture of Multi-Point Locking Hardware
Multi-point Lock
Our locks are placed in a convenient, easy to reach position allowing easy operation. It also adds sturdiness and security.
Picture of Screen
Push Down Screens
All our operating windows come with a Aluminum rust resistant frame, heavy duty Fiberglass mesh, and Pin-less system. This prevents tears plus makes the screen easy to remove.

Standard Features of Awning Units

  • Ideal for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry rooms were ventilation is required even on days when the weather is not favorable.

  • Available in Dual and Triple-pane glazing with or without Low-E and Argon fill.

  • Available with many different internal grill configurations.

  • Different combinations of Awning and Fixed units are available.

  • Stainless Steel adjustable Multi-point sash locks.

  • All Stainless Steel Fasteners to prevent “rust bleeding” and window discoloration.

  • Triple rubber (not plastic) frame and sash weatherstrip.

  • Fold-away crank operation for clean look.

  • Click-in, click-out heavy duty screen for a clean finish.

  • Entire window opens for cross-ventilation.

  • Maintenance free PVC.

  • Available in any jamb width.

Note: If you use a window air conditioner, then a Awning window is not for you. Your other alternative choice would be a Horizontal Slider Windows or a Vertical Slider Windows. Call KC Window and Door right now at (204) 326-7855 or fill out the contact form on your right to schedule your free no obligation quote and window replacement consultation to determine if Awning windows would the right choice for you and your home.

Minimum and Maximum Window Sizes in Canada

Oversize Window Chart

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