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Picture of Bay Window

Bay Windows add beauty and elegance to any room you install them in. A Bay Window is three windows offset from one another in order to give you a 180 degree panoramic view outside your home. The two outside windows, called flankers, can be offset from the center window by 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 35 degrees, 45 degrees, and even 90 degrees. These five configurations not only increase the field of view from your window, but can also add space to your room through the use of window seating. On Southern exposures, our clients will often install shelves instead for plants. Due to their versatility and stunning good looks, bay windows are often installed in living rooms at the front of the house for enhanced curb appeal, as well as kitchens and bedrooms to create the illusion of more space. Due to their sheer size, Bay Windows bring in a lot of light. And by using Vertical Sliding Windows, Casement Windows or even Awning Windows on the flankers, you can have all the beauty and elegance that a Bay Window gives you, as well as ventilation and air flow.

Benefit of a Bay Window

  • Bay Windows can be produced at 15 °, 30°, 35°, 45°, and even 90°

  • Increases the value to your home.

  • Adds valuable living space to your home.

  • Provide a wider angle of view.

  • Can be ordered with three fixed units or add Casement Windows for ventilation.

  • Can be ordered with three fixed units or add Vertical Sliding Windows for ventilation.

  • Adds style and character to any home.

  • Maintenance free PVC.

  • Available in any jamb width.

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