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Slider Operation

Horizontal Slider

Tri-Lite Slider

Tri-Lite/Double Ended Slider

Horizontal slider windows are the most versatile windows you can have made for your home. They are both economical and energy efficient. They offer nice tight seals making them energy efficient, and without the mechanical parts found on Casement windows, they often have a lower purchase price. That lower price often means you can upgrade the window to a triple pane configuration or add a Low E coating, or even Argon gas between the glass panes. Of course, by making these upgrades you will enjoy greater energy savings in your home.


Trillium Slider Cam Lock & Keeper
Heavy Duty
Cam Locks
Made out of Steel, easy to operate cam action for maximum security
Trillium Slider Interlock
Triple Weatherstrip Interlocking Styles
Standard on all Slider and Hung windows, sashes overlap at the interlocking Style to form an airtight fit.
Trillium Slider Brass Rollers
Brass Roller
Bearing Wheels
Standard on all Slider Windows, insure smooth operation.
Trillium Slider Fixed Mullion
Rigid "Anti-torque Fixed Mullion Anchor
Standard on all Slider Windows, provides maximum rigidity and prevents flexing.

Benefits of Sliders

  • Ideal for Egress for bedrooms or basements.

  • Slider windows slide to open and do not protrude from walls. Great for tight areas.

  • Less expensive than other window styles.

  • Offer excellent ventilation.

  • No protrusion from the building making it suitable for close-passing walkways.

  • Available in 1" Dual Pane and Full 1 3/8" Triple Pane, with optional Low E and Argon gas fill.

  • Available in Tri-Lite configuration. Both ends slide towards each other.

  • Sash are easily removed for cleaning.

  • Up to half of the area of Slider Windows open for ventilation.

  • Available in many sizes.

  • Can be easily configured with other windows.

  • Maintenance free PVC.

  • Available in any jamb width.

Minimum and Maximum Window Sizes in Canada

Oversize Window Chart
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