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Picture of Picture Window

A fixture of the living room, a Picture window is the largest window in your home. A Picture window is a large fixed window, meaning it cannot be opened or closed. It has one purpose. It is to frame your view of the outside, hence the name Picture window.

As the picture to the left illustrates, often times a Picture window can be configured with Casements, Awnings, Horizontal Slider, and Vertical Slider  windows. These additions to the Picture windows add greater versatility as well as air flow to the fixed Picture window.

Benefits of Picture Windows

  • Most economical window to purchase.

  • Accommodates extensive glass areas to bring the outdoor view inside.

  • Provides maximum light, solar heat gain for Winter months lowering heating costs.

  • Also available as a simulated “fixed-sash” window.

  • Can be configured with any other type of window to add ventilation or design to a home.

  • Can be produced in Architectural styles such as Rounded Curve-tops, Octagons, Peak Heads and Rake Heads to at your own personality to your home.

  • Maintenance free PVC.

  • No moving parts to wear out or replace.

  • Available in any jamb width.

Minimum and Maximum Window Sizes in Canada

Oversize Window Chart

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