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Tilt & Turn

European Windows That Offer The Best of Both Worlds.

Picture of Tilt function or Tilt and Turn WIndows

Tilt and Turn windows are suitable for many types of buildings. They are a stylish window that can be installed in a historic building, detached private residence, office building or a multi-family house.

The Tilt and Turn windows that KC Window & Door offer are the highest level of German technology. Their engineers developed a multi-chamber window profile with a new design has a major impact on technical properties such as thermal and acoustical insulation. With this type of window, you can operate it as Casement window or with the twist of the handle, just have the top of the window open for ventilation.

Cross Section

Cross Section Picture of Tilt and Turn Windows

The PVC profile is made from UV stabilized materials protecting windows from solar exposition and discoloration. This problem is often observed with standard vinyl windows. I addition, our profiles are reinforced with galvanized steel, which makes them exceptionally durable. This feature is important for large windows, which require greater strength and stability. The Tilt & Turn Advantage is more than an operating type. It is an engineered system designed to withstand extreme weather conditions to keep your home comfortable in both winter and summer.

Higher Thermal Insulation = Lower Bills

High thermal insulation of PVC material combined with multi-chamber profile structure ensures the highest comfort of living. Tilt and Turn windows have the highest energy rating in the US outperforming all brands of wooden windows. Double or triple pane glass have the added benefit of being extremely effective in deadening sound. It makes PVC windows the best choice for buildings or homes located close to railroads or noisy roads.

Tilt and Turn windows, as its name implies, have dual function handle allowing window to “tilt” inward (position C) for ventilation, and “turn” (position D) for easy cleaning. The turn design works excellent as an escape point in case of emergency.

Picture of Tilt and Turn Operation

Standard Features of Our Tilt & Turn Windows

  • Ideal for Bedrooms, where Egress(fire escape) is required.

  • In the tilt position, dual action tilt and turn windows and doors allow warm, stale air to exit at the top and cool, fresh air to gently flow in from the sides. Designed to provide effective ventilation without creating an uncomfortable draft, dual action tilt and turn windows and doors comfortably improve the indoor air quality of your home. And unlike other operable windows, tilt and turn windows can provide abundant natural ventilation without the need for a second window or door to be opened.

  • Available in right or left operation.

  • Available in Dual and Triple-pane glazing with or without Low-E and Argon fill.

  • When in the turn position, tilt and turn windows are easy to clean from the convenience of inside your home. No more ladders!

  • Tilt & Turn Advantage offers the utmost in security for your operable windows. In the tilt position, the Defender Hardware System prevents the sash from being opened completely. This allows you to tilt your windows and doors for ventilation, without concern for forced entry.

  • Multipoint locking Tilt + Turn Windows provide the superior air tightness to keep your home as energy efficient as possible.

  • Triple rubber (not plastic) frame and sash weatherstrip.

  • Click-in, click-out heavy duty screen for a clean finish.

  • Maintenance free PVC.

  • Available in any jamb width.

Tilt and Turn Demonstration

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