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Special Shapes

Octagon Window. Roundtop Window. Gothic Window.

The beautiful thing about windows is that they can be built to fit any shape you need. We typically think of our windows as being square or rectangular in shape, but at KC Window and Door, you can also order custom shaped windows.

There are several types of custom shaped windows you can choose from. A triangular shaped window is referred to as a Rake Head. A Peak Head window resembles the silhouette of a house. At the same time you can get full rounds, half rounds and even quarter rounds custom shaped windows.

KC Window and Door has even been asked to install elliptical custom shaped windows. They even can supply both Full and Extended Cord windows. A Cord is a square with rounded top. Octagons or any other geometric shapes are also available.

Custom shaped windows add to the architectural beauty of your home, by adding different shapes and character. Custom shaped windows can also allow even more light into your home in unique, dramatic and interesting ways.

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